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I help buyers and sellers all over North County San Diego, Carmel Valley and Torrey Hills.  I stand out in my tech and intrapersonal skills to provide you with the highest level of service and attention to detail you and your Torrey Hills Real Estate transaction deserves.  My website is designed to give you more than just Torrey Hills Homes For Sale, rather to have a one stop shop for everything, Living in Torrey Hills. 

Torrey Hills & San Diego REALTOR

Dusty Brazil


760.207.7245. / Dusty.Brazil@Compass.com 



Torrey Hills Restaurants

Torrey Hills is home to the famous Ruth Chris Steak House. This popular Torrey Hills fine dining restaurant is a major landmark as you enter North County San Diego, with its massive sculpture, not to be missed off the 5 and 56 freeway junction.

Torrey Hills Schools

Living in Torrey Hills and either owning real estate or renting a home for lease in Torrey Hills, you get top rated schools all around. 


Torrey Hills Shopping

Torrey Hills has a main shopping center for daily living and basic necessities. Coffee, of course is a must, and as you would imagine, there is a local Starbucks, SOLD!  
There is all sorts of shopping just north of Torrey Hills and even amazing shopping at both now Paseo Del Norte and UTC La Jolla, all 5 minute drives away from Living in Torrey Hills San Diego, baby!

Torrey Hills Real Estate Market

The Torrey Hills market is highly desirable. Prices are steep in the upper 1 million range. See what the market is like on my report!

Torrey Hills Local Businesses

My site aims to share with you local businesses in Torrey Hills. 

Torrey Hills Service Providers/ Tradesman

My job entails finding local professionsals to help you as a home owner. 

Buying or selling a home in Torrey Hills or San Diego? I know San Diego Real Estate. I dare you to challenge my knowledge!

Local Knowledge Matters. Time is money.

There is nothing worse than being BS’d by somebody.  It’s always pretty apparent when someone does not know their stuff. Wouldn’t you just rather hear the person tell you they don’t know than treat you as if you are stupid? I like to think of myself as a local real estate encyclopedia of useful and maybe not so useful information about LIVING IN San Diego.  Your time is precious to me, and I’ve built my business to be as sleek as possible so you know you are not wasting any of your time.  If you have real estate questions, questions about neighborhoods, schools, trends, to nail down an area based on a particular vision you have, I’M YOUR  GUY, count me in. 

Timing is everything in real estate, in Torrey Hills, too!

It’s a sellers market in San Diego, and maybe even especially in Torrey Hills. Real Estate is all about supplyh and demand. Use my website to follow the market and to find out what your home is worth. Thinking of selling your home in San Diego? Find out what your home is worth now! 

I Drive More Traffic Internet and Social Media Traffic to Your HOME !

I’ve been at this game for LONG time now. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can dare challenge me to battle dollar per dollar and minute by minute on creating content NOW, by themselves. No big production crews, strangers and promises. I do, for the most part, every single aspect of my own marketing. If I have something to focus on, say a home worth a million bucks, then my skills kick in. I do more custom internet and social media marketing for my listings than the average newbie agent and the seasoned agent, combined.  THIKNK I’M KIDDING.. follow me on @LivinginNorthCounty on instagram

 Let me turn your home into a virtual experience where they can almost smell the scent of fresh hot cookies in the oven! HOME! 

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Dusty Brazil is a rock star real estate agent.

Josie Brazil,  Torrey Hills REALTORS Daughter

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Sometimes I write About What it would be like LIving in Torrey Hills, Carmel Valley San Diego

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